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About Us
Turn to Holistic Counseling Systems for learning about holistic self healing and for mental health counseling. Based in Hesperia, California, Lynda Latta takes calls (by appointment only) from clients all over the state. Lynda is available to offer counseling guidance for your life challenges. You are welcome to come to Holistic Counseling Systems for individual , relationship, or group counseling or for professionally facilitated group support.

Treating the Whole Person

While most counseling and psychotherapy practices offer only mental health therapy, Holistic Counseling Systems is unique because the 'whole person' is considered and honored. A treatment plan is created and goals are designed to address all aspects of you that may need loving attention and healing. Body, mind, and spirit are included in the 'whole person' professional assessment. In addition to psychotherapy and counseling, alternative approaches are employed to help you get back into balance. These approaches include:  

• Support Groups for Challenge Areas
• Meditation, Relaxation Training, and Energy Work
• Discussion Groups on Psychological & Spiritual Topics
• Phone and Internet Counseling Sessions
• Book Therapy
• Inner Child Work
• Past Life Regression
• Herbal & Nutritional Recommendations
• Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery and Visualization
• Drumming Circles
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Meet Lynda

After graduating with a master's degree in community mental health and psychiatric nursing from the University of California at Los Angeles, Lynda traveled to New Mexico to work with the Native American people there. Then, she went on to Virginia to work with medical students and nursing students through the University of Virginia, supervising them in working with psychiatric patients in outpatient and inpatient settings. She designed and implemented a Psychiatric Day Treatment Program in the countryside of rural Virginia and offered those services to the people who would normally not have been able to receive assistance because of their geographical location. Lynda worked with a program called "Families Together" in Victorville, California, in which she made home visits to families who were having difficulties parenting their children. She taught parents how to cope with their stress in a more productive way and also how to apply new, more effective ways to discipline and parent their children.

Lynda has been working in the holistic, mental health, and psychiatric fields for more than 35 years. She has been offering holistic counseling services to the people of the Southern California high desert for more than 25 years. Her experience includes helping people of all ages with many different life challenges. Lynda is committed to offering quality service, focusing on the "whole" person. Because she has had such a varied experiential background, she is able to compassionately relate to people and be of help in many life situations.

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