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Therapeutic Modalities and Growth Experiences Offered

Learn to unlock your emotional and physical pain and feel empowered by learning techniques that will enable you to balance yourself and access the healing potential you have inside. With Holistic Counseling Systems, you will be offered many different ways to learn to improve the quality of your relationships with yourself and others. Individual, group, and couples therapy are available to experience for those of you who are most comfortable with those therapeutic methods. For those of you who would like to delve into the areas of energy work, past life regression, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual exploration, and the mind/body connection, those transformational opportunities are also offered. What ever mode you choose, you will gain an understanding of your inner life and how your past affects your present which, when integrated, will enable you to feel happiness in the here and now.


Psychotherapy is available for individuals, couples, and groups. Various psychotherapeutic methods are utilized to assist you in the process of getting your body, mind, and spirit into balance which may help you find more peace and happiness within yourself and your relationships.

One-on-One Couples Therapy

Communication skills are taught to improve the level of compassion and understanding between the individuals within the relationship. Couples will also learn how their past, unhealed childhood wounds color their present interactions. In couples therapy, you will be shown ways to heal the past so that your present relationship with your partner is open to giving and receiving love.

Couples Groups

In the couples group, you will learn the same skills and techniques that are taught in the one-on-one couples therapy sessions plus you will be sharing with other couples their experiences and feelings which can be very helpful. The couples group affords you support and feedback.


Become one with everything through meditation. You will learn how to relax and tap into your higher self. Meditation is instrumental for experiencing peace, joy, and deep relaxation of your body and mind.

Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, & Inner Child Work

Past life regression helps in releasing old traumas from past lives and enables you to learn how to relax into your present life with more understanding and ease. Hypnosis is employed to help you learn ways to work with your body to assist in moving energy and facilitating relaxation and relief from discomfort, both physical and emotional. Through hypnotic imagery and going through a structured learning process, inner child work can help you explore your past in this life by systematically reviewing all the stages of development from birth through early adulthood. You will discover what needs were not met in your life. You will then be taught ways to re-parent yourself and learn to be empowered.

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