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Support Groups with a Holistic Focus

At Holistic Counseling Systems, we provide professionally facilitated discussion and support groups for men and women in the high desert of Southern California. Our groups cover various areas of your life that present psychological and emotional challenges. Within all the support groups, we teach and promote energetic, spiritual, and psychological concepts and principles as a means of self-improvement and self-healing.

Controlling Relationships

Are you dealing with or healing from a verbally abusive and/or controlling relationship? In this group, you learn what verbal abuse sounds and feels like so you can identify whether or not you are experiencing it in your life. You will learn how you ended up in this type of relationship and then learn ways that you can begin to break free from feeling trapped. Men and women are equally affected.


Those who are dealing with or healing from codependence will gain coping skills from this group. You will learn what codependence is, how it affects your life, and how you can learn healthier, more life enhancing ways to relate to the world.

Childhood Abuse

When healing from childhood abuse, this compassionate and instructive group helps you identify the types of abuse you suffered . This allows you to understand how it impacts your life now and begin to learns ways you can heal.

Spirituality / Self Improvement Book Discussion Group

This group meets weekly. For each book on a spiritual or self-improvement topic that the group chooses to read, you discuss the ideas and concepts from the current book and the facilitator helps you apply them to your own personal life experiences. Group sharing, feedback, and support enhance the holistic learning from the book discussion.

Drumming Circle

Research has shown that the sound of drumming creates a deep state of relaxation that encourages access to inner dimensions and facilitates healing. Participation in this group allows you to experience the Native American and indigenous ways of employing drumming as a transformational mechanism to improving and enriching your life. Concepts of Native American spirituality are also included.

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